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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Stephen Clarke-Willson

GAME DEVELOPER:Above the Garage Productions


Copyright 1996, Stephen Clarke-Willson

CyberDome is a great 3D space shooter that sports a very complex 3D engine for its time, patented under the name SuperSet engine. In this fun game set in cyberspace, the gameplay is simple: destroy all enemy ships and targets as you progress through 64 increasingly difficult levels of action.

All action takes place within an enclosed dome set in space. You will battle 7 different enemies, each with an individually tweaked AI. In addition to delivering a fun, knuckle-blistering gameplay, CyberDome includes a very nice 8-level training mission to you learn basic concepts of the game. It also has a very nice auto-targeting feature that makes the gameplay much quicker and more fluid as all arcade shooters should be. Formerly published as shareware by MicroLeague, the game has been released into the public domain by the designer himself. If you like a fun arcade shooter similar to Tempest 2000 but with more complex graphics, give CyberDome a try. Its fast, smooth, and looks great on a wide range of 3D cards. Highly recommended!

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