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Cybernoid 2: The Revenge

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Raffaele Cecco & Graham Goring



Copyright 2002, Graham Goring

Cybernoid 2 is yet another brilliant remake of a classic non-PC game from Retrospec, possibly the best retro-remake group today who concentrates on remaking classic games for the PC ? free of charge. This time, Graham Goring brings us one of Hewson?s best-loved games that was released for all major 8-bit computers except the PC.

Although not as innovative or unique as Nebulus, Cybernoid 2 still boasts Hewson?s usual combination of furious action, nice graphics, and a bit of strategy element thrown in. Synopsis from the remake site: “…the idea of the game is to get through the five levels of the space pirates base in a strict time limit (about 5 minutes per level) recovering 1500 points worth of cargo on each level (you can find it lying around or get it by killing the little aliens that spawn in most of the rooms). It doesn’t really matter if you manage to get the 1500 on each level, but if you do it’s worth some bonus points and an extra life at the end of the level. Given how chocka’ with enemies the game is, those extra lives will come in handy.

The game is played from a side-on perspective with a flip-screen display that prevents you from going back on yourself. Though there are often a fair few enemies on screen, you are fortunate that your cup positively runneth over with weapons of mass destruction – ranging from rockets to smart bombs which clear the whole screen. You can also upgrade your ship with an orbital mace that kills pretty much anything, a rear firing laser gun and an orbital ship which fires when you do. Anyway, it’s pretty easy to pick up and play, so why don’t you do just that?”

If you think Cybernoid 2 is just another 2D horizontal shooter, you?ll be in for a surprise. Similar to refreshing shooters like StarQuake, Cybernoid 2 combines smooth-scrolling action with plenty of depth, including the ability to switch between various weapons ? including the very cool timebombs that you can use to destroy large emplacements. If you enjoy shooters, here?s a chance to play one of the best games that was never available on PC before ?until now. Two thumbs up for this underdog.

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