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Cyborg: Hopy-ONE

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Webfoot Technologies

GAME PUBLISHER:Webfoot Technologies

Copyright 1995, Webfoot Technologies

A strangely appealing, unique action/puzzle hybrid, Cyborg: Hopy-ONE is reminiscent of Epyx’ classic Spiderbot. You are a pogo stick-like robot who must navigate dozens of levels to get out. You can bounce, or you can grow taller, and then make a rope so you can get across things. It’s one of those games where you get to see the entire level on one little board, and you have to collect objects from the board and then move on to another level. It sometimes requires thinking to see where the exit is and plan your route, but it’s quite simple. One of the less successful games from Webfoot, but not for lack of personality that permeates all its games. Worth a try if you like, say, James Pond 2 (where you can also stretch your neck up), but it won’t hold your attention for very long… once you finish the first few levels, you’ll have seen everything.

Note: The game has been removed at the request of Webfoot Technologies, the copyright holder. Please contact Webfoot if you would like to acquire this game.

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