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Cyril Cyberpunk

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Reality Studios

GAME PUBLISHER:Reality Studios

Copyright 1996, Reality Studios

A great platformer similar to the ever-popular Commander Keen series. Mutant killer teddy bears from space threaten the earth. Young Cyril Smith grabs his pellet gun and cyberboard, and heads off to meet the alien menace face to face. In addition to attractive cartoony graphics and many levels, Cyril Cyberpunk has three difficulty levels, therefore making it fun for the whole family. With many wacky levels and enemies, this is one non-violent platform game that is very well executed. The registered version (the download version here) includes a level editor, so you can make your own levels long after the fun wears out. Highly recommended, especially for Commander Keen fans.

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