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Dare to Dream

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Cliff Bleszinski

GAME DEVELOPER:Game Syndicate Productions


Copyright 1993, Epic Megagames

Second game by Cliff Bleszinski, talented designer who went on to fame and fortune years later with Unreal. In this original, campy adventure game, you are Tyler Norris, a ten year-old who has strange dreams. You must escape your dream by solving bizarre puzzles, traveling to strange lands, and meeting even stranger creatures. It’s all in your mind–so nothing can hurt you… Right?

Marketed by Epic Megagames as shareware, the first episode of which is free, the registered version of Dare to Dream contains three separate episodes, i.e. three dreams that Tyler faces. The dreams are quite surrealistic and sinister, and hint at the evil that lurks in Tyler (and presumably all of us). Gameplay is typical point-and-click adventure, with decent puzzles that are a bit too easy. The game’s hallmark, though, is definitely the imaginative worlds Blesinski created: Tyler’s dreams will take you from a deserted alleyway in an unfamiliar city, to his vision of hell and beyond. While not a classic by any means, the better-than-average writing, solid puzzles, and creative settings make Dare to Dream a pleasant adventure that’s worth a look, especially by fans of surrealism. Two thumbs up!

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