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Deadline [2004]

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2004, Unknown

Deadline from Japan is a very cool polygon-based vertical shooter that lets you switch between 4 different weapons on the fly. The hefty size is more than made up for by excellent graphics and sound effects. Similar to EndEffector, Deadline boasts superb graphics that is on par with commercial shooters: diverse enemy ships made up of dozens of polygons, detailed backgrounds that give excellent illusion of 3D depth, and gigantic bosses that you can shoot parts off of. Like all great SHMUPs, the action is furious and nonstop, and you can even choose what kind of weapon upgrades you want: shooting bonus cubes change their colors, and different colors give different upgrades (although they are not so different from each other). Very nice graphics, varied enemies (both flying and stationary), and fun gameplay make this game well worth a look. Joystick experts may be disappointed at the easier-than-average difficulty and relatively short length, though. Thumbs up!

Note: The game requires installation of Matrix Engine application for Windows, which is included in this download.

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