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Defend The Alamo

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Incredible Simulations, Inc. (ISI)

GAME PUBLISHER:Incredible Simulations, Inc. (ISI)

Copyright 1994, Incredible Simulations, Inc. (ISI)

At 4 am, the lone bugler stirred. He could lie still in the Texas cold no longer. He arose and faced the forbidding walls 250 yards away. A call to arms burst forth from his bugle, and was joined by the cry of “Viva Santa Anna” from a thousand hoarse throats. Massed infantry columns charged the dark fortress and their feet sounded a drum roll to accompany the now blaring Duegello. No quarter, death to the infidels. There would be no prisoners taken today. Inside the walls, 182 men stoically faced the thousands. There was no fear in this place. They had already chosen death rather than retreat. Suddenly, from a dozen or more positions, the defender’s cannon roared to life and bathe the famous fortress in an eerie light. The siege of the Alamo was over, the battle of the Alamo had begun… The Mexican Army under the infamous Santa Anna is flying the red flag. No quarter will be given to the “perfidious American foreigners”. Everyone is to be put to the sword. And you know the rest!- The Defenders were Annihilated!

Defend The Alamo is a great recreation of the famous battle of the Alamo on a tactical scale. Fans of this historic event will love this game. The interface is easy to learn and the game is intriguing to see if you can do better as the Defenders or have fun as the Mexicans. Also, variations on the main battle are options so you may have fun trying out variants where you have some chance of winning. The only downside is that after a 3-4 plays, the game may become a bit dull unless you are a fan of the period. Sound is also a problem in Windows– I get silence.

Overall, this is an excellent simulation for fans of hopeless cause battles or this historic event in American History. Two thumbs up!

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