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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Mika Halttunen & Josh Schroeder



Copyright 2004, Mika Halttunen

Delirium is a fun reflex-oriented puzzle game that plays like a cross between Tetris and Bubble Bobbles. The official blurb explains the premise: “[The] basic idea is rather simple: clear the level from blocks. In the top of the screen there are various colored blocks, or plates. You must get rid of those very same blocks in order to advance to the next level. It’s your basic puzzle game with those traditional puzzle game aspects: balls, blocks, bright colors, etc!”

The game itself plays like a fun and creative title, especially since you can make all sorts of combinations by choosing the color of the next ball. Graphics-wise, Delirium has a very polished look and feel – even more so than an average freeware puzzle game. Better still, the music is very nice, and the authors even use the Ogg format to reduce the size without sacrificing the quality. There is a time limit for each level, but they only impact your score, not impeding your progress. This makes the arcade aspect a lot less frustrating than it could be, which means the game is very forgiving for puzzle gamers who do not have the reflexes of action fans.

The controls take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it (especially cannon controls), they feel natural. With over 50 levels, the ability to create your own levels, and the code being open source, Delirium will keep you entertained for hours. Highly recommended for puzzle fans.

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