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Deluxe Ski Jump 2.0

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2001, Jussi Koskela

Undoubtedly the very best ski jumping simulation ever made for a computer, Deluxe Ski Jump 2.0 is an amazingly addictive shareware underdog from Finnish designer Jussi Koskela, published by Mediamond (now apparently defunct). Thanks to precisely modeled real-world physics, DSJ is one of the most realistic sports games ever made.

Similar to oldies like 4D Boxing, DSJ utilizes polygonal graphics to convey movements of real-time animated ski jumpers. The well-designed mouse interfaces gives you full control over the athlete: you can balance your takeoff, set the body angles for flying, use the wind to your advantage, and finally make a perfect landing to please the judges.

As with other classic sports games, DSJ is easy to learn, but tough to master. Similar to gymnastics, there are various moves you can perform: moves that are more difficult to pull off (such as telemark landing style) are worth more points. This registered version includes 32 hills ranging from K50 to K250, support for 16 players, and a fun teamcup competition mode. There are many fansites on the WWW run by die-hard fans. If you like winter sports even just a little bit, Deluxe Ski Jump is a must-have. Two thumbs up, way up!

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