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Destruction Derby 2

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Martin Edmondson

GAME DEVELOPER:Reflections Interactive


Copyright 1996, Psygnosis

Destruction Derby 2 is the arguably superior sequel to the original Destruction Derby that offers more of the same no-holds-barred action and mayhem with new tracks and many improvements and features not seen in the original, including a ?pit stop? feature that allows you to (finally) repair your car.

Gameplay-wise, DD2 is identical to the first game: your goal is to gain points by winning races or “creatively” crashing your opponents. The ?sameness? is obviously not a bad thing in this case, because Psygnosis already had a hit on their hands with the first Destruction Derby. It?s essentially the same game, but with sharper graphics, smoother animations, and more of everything. You now can compete against up to 19 rival drivers across seven tracks (each longer and more detailed than the ones in Destruction Derby). You can even compete in the incredibly difficult “total destruction” bowls for competition play. Multi-player now supports up to ten players for a truly madcap mayhem.

The graphics, as mentioned earlier, is even better than the already-jaw-dropping original game. You not only can see little details in the tracks and scenery, but also animated spectators who will run for their lives when a car crashes over the wall ;) Damage presentation is much more parts-specific this time around: you will notice exploding radiators, flying fenders, engine fires, and more. Fortunately, you can now access the new “pit stop” feature after a certain amount of damage. This lets you select the part you want to repair and try to “pump out” the damage as fast as you can since you only have five seconds.

Overall, Destruction Derby 2 is a must-have for fans of demolition racing. If you like the first game, you will probably like this sequel even more. The graphics even look good on my HP notebook without a 3D card. Two thumbs up, way up!

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