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Copyright 1991, Mindscape

D/Generation is a fun puzzle/adventure hybrid that looks similar to Mindscape’s earlier underdog Contraption Zack, although it’s based on a different engine. The puzzle focus of Zack gave way this time to stronger emphasis on plot and adventure game puzzles, with no less enjoyable a result. The plot is quite interesting: a large multi-national genetic engineering company called Genoq has developed an entirely new type of biogenetic weapon, which has escaped and taken control of the whole central office building. The head of Genoq, Jean-Paul Derrida, has requested a package from abroad to help him fight this dreadful weapon, called the D/Generation. You take the role of the courier bringing him this package, and pretty soon it becomes apparent you are Genoq’s only hope of survival.

D/Generation is a fun isometric action adventure, with emphasis on action but also presents some challenging puzzles that adventure gamers will enjoy. Your character lands on the 80th floor and has to work his way upwards to the 89th floor, where you will confront the D/Generation and hopefully save Genoq. Each floor is made up of rooms, most of which are infested with renegade biogenetic weapons, called A/Generations, B/Generations or C/Generations. You must kill all the biogenetic weapons in each room and seal off the air duct they came from until you can proceed to the next room. If you manage to also save trapped human scientists, you will be rewarded with extra lives and important clues. The action is very fast-paced, but don’t expect to finish the game in one sitting– the higher you go, the more complicated obstacles you must pass and more monsters you must kill. In one unreasonable throwback to console games, saved positions always revert to the first room on each floor, so you will have to replay for a long time if you fail on one of the bigger levels.

This minor complaint aside, D/Generation is an excellent game for action experts, and adventure fans who are not afraid of the joystick. Recommended!

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