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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1990, Steve Herring

Diamaze is a fun little ASCII game in the same tradition as early “maze games” such as Kroz series. That is, a game that blends action and puzzle together in a neat little package. The game puts you in a randomly-generated maze that contains 30 diamonds or so, gives you 10 dynamite sticks, and one minute to collect as many diamonds as possible and return to the entrance before your lamp goes out. Once you make it back to the entrance, the game gives you a score based on the number of diamonds you are able to collect.

Diamaze is a lot of fun, mostly because the action and puzzle elements – and even a bit of strategy – blend together well. You use the dynamite to blast holes in walls in order to gain access to new corridors. The randomizer means virtually unlimited replayability, and the time limit keeps the action exciting. All in all, a nice little game that reminds me of Snipes in its use of ASCII characters and solid gameplay. This isn’t Kroz, but it will entertain you nonetheless. Thumbs up!

Note: The game was released as shareware, but for $6, the price to register, you only get an extra dynamite and lamp oil – so I decided to label this version as “freeware” since the differences are minimal.

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