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Copyright 2002, Ben Webb

Dopewars is a great clone of John E. Dell’s DOS-based Drug Wars game that was popular on numerous BBS’s in the mid 1990s. Your goal is to amass as much money as possible by buying and selling drugs in different locations of New York. Like other good business simulations, watching the markets is essential: buying low and selling high is the key to success. You will have to be able to pay off the loan sharks, while avoiding the police that is always on your tail. But what makes Dopewars different from countless Drug Wars clones is the excellent multiplayer support. By dialling into a server over TCP/IP (or host a game on your own), you can compete with other human-controllde drug dealers for commodities. You can even fight them in a cute text-based fight sequence, the outcome of which seems to be determined solely by how fast you press the SHOOT key.

If you like Dopewars for Windows (reviewed on this site), Drug Wars, or stock market sims in general, you will find Dopewars a fun fanmade game that remains true to the spirit of the original underground classic, while turning it into an excellent multiplayer game. Highly recommended!

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