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Dr. Blob’s Organism

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Rich Carlson & Iikka Ker?nen



Copyright 2003, Digital Eel

One of the most unique arcade games to come along in ages, Dr. Blob’s Organism is yet another wonderful release by Digital Eel, the zany indie developer behind the likes of Plasmaworm and Strange Adventures in Infinite Space, the latter of which is our Hall of Belated Fame inductee. Loosely inspired by Jon Conway’s famous “game of life,” your goal in Dr. Blob is to rein in an amoeba-like creature that is trying to escape the petri dish. Your immediate goal is to keep the creature from touching the sides of the petri dish (you lose a life when it does that). To kill the blob, you use various kinds of guns to zap the organism. Left and right arrow keys rotate the dish, while spacebar fires the gun. Once you successfully kill the creature (by aiming mostly at its nucleus), you will move on to a new, tougher level

While Dr. Blob may seem like a mindless shooter (and a good one at that!) at first, it offers quite a few interesting and intricate gameplay features that make the game more fun the more you play it – not to mention more frenzied. For example, the blob can regenerate, split into smaller blobs, and even (temporarily) create a force field that blocks your fire. Once in a while, you can shoot bonus items that give you access to useful power-ups such as the (very cool) lightning gun, double-gun nozzle, and extra speed or damage. Although a more diverse range of power-ups would have made the game more fun, Dr. Blob is already a fun and addictive arcade underdog that is perfect for coffee breaks. I find the first two levels too easy, but after that it became quite fun. Expert action gamers who breezed through Atari’s arcade classics may find Dr. Blob too easy (and hence boring), though. Still, given the always-wonderful graphics by Phosphorus, catchy tunes, and 3 difficulty levels, Dr. Blob provides a lot of fun that is well worth its low $10 price tag. Highly recommended!

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