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Dreamstars 3

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2002, Jai Shaw

One of the best modern spiritual sequels of Atari’s classic Asteroids, Dreamstars 3 has just about everything you could wish for in an Asteroids game: ability to build and customize your own ship (e.g. choose your ship’s hull, add better engines to allow more acceleration, or lasers). Each part is even randomly generated and increase in efficiency as the game progresses. One nice innovation is the addition of “friendly drones” that can help you during furious space battles. But of course, your enemies also have their own drones to pester you with.

Some of the asteroids and enemy drones in the game contain various power-ups, such as more powerful ship parts to use in the next level, more energy, etc. These will heal your hull as well as giving you energy and give you a super advanced part to add to your ship in the next level. The game boasts “random AI” that supposedly make computer-controlled ships behave differently – I can’t really see that much difference in the game, but then again I’m always too busy trying to deal with intensive enemy fire to notice ;)

Dreamstars 3 not only lets you customize your ship, but also gives you a powerful scripting engine which can be used to create even more enemy drones and ship hull configurations. This adds an almost infinite replayability to the game. Two player co-operative mode is available, as is the usual all-hell-breaks-lose mayhem mode. Overall, if you like Asteroids, you will probably like this excellent independent underdog that deserves the price of registration. If you are unsure about how good this game is, you can first test-drive Dreamstars 2, the earlier version that is now 100% freeware. Two thumbs up, way up!

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