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Copyright 1983, Brderbund

Drol is a fun, light-hearted game from the early days of Apple II, the platform for which Br?derbund was a clear market leader with classics like Lode Runner. Compared to other Br?derbund classics, Drol is much less well-known – although it was successful enough to be ported to other platforms like the C64 and Amiga, although curiously no PC version was ever released. Your job in the game is to rescue various members of the family held hostage by a witch doctor in a fantasy never-never land. Besides the mother, daughter and little boy, the family pets (a lizard and a crocodile) are also imprisoned, and must be freed as well.

The game is essentially a platformer where you have to rescue a certain number of family members in a scrolling maze, then get to the exit. Equipped with an anti-gravity backpack and a gun that shoots reality pellets, You can fly or walk up the level by using elevating platforms, and shoot various enemies (to supposedly blast them back to reality). Once you collect all the family members on each level, you have to make your way to the exit on the bottom level to go to the next one, where your quest starts over again with tougher and more aggressive monsters.

The game may sounds simple, but it is quite challenging because different enemies have different shooting patterns. On higher levels, there are more enemies who move faster and shoot at you more frequently. Drol is memorable for fun, mindless gameplay and a lot of charm. For example, the pets happily float through the maze, zooming about on their own private jet packs or “beanie belts.” This makes rescuing (basically picking them up) them more difficult than people who dont float.

Drol is one of those games which appeal the most to people who can fondly recall playing it as a kid (including yours truly). It doesnt have the same timeless quality as true classics like Lode Runner, but it sure puts a stupid grin on my face every time I play it on AppleWin emulator on PC :) Two thumbs up for this underdog.

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