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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Hungry Software

GAME PUBLISHER:Hungry Software

Copyright 1999, Hungry Software

Ducks is a great Lemmings clone with one major difference: in contrast to the oblivious march-to-doom in Lemmings, Ducks lets you decide when and where the ducks will move. Somehow, these loveable egg-heads have become marooned in space. The only available transport is a rocket ship, and your job is to lead them there. As the green leader duck, you’ll guide a group of orange ducks across several perilous levels.

Although the skills you can teach the ducks are not as diverse as Lemmings, Ducks features plenty of inventive level designs and diverse backgrounds to keep you occupied. The first 20 levels are included in the shareware version, and you must register to play the other 60. I find it well worth the money. If you like the game, check out the cute X-Mas Ducks and the excellent World Wide Webbed add-on, which adds over 40 levels, including several secret levels, of fun and mayhem. Two thumbs up!

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