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Earth and Sky

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2001, Paul O’Brian

Earth and Sky is a fun but far too short first installment in Paul O’Brian’s Earth and Sky superhero series. You play a duo of brother and sister who accidentally discover supernatural powers while seeking to rescue their lost scientist parents. In contrast to the sprawling superhero epic Heroine’s Mantle, Earth and Sky is much more light-hearted and upbeat. You will have so much fun with this charming little game that you will feel disappointed when the ending comes too abruptly and too soon. Still, as “Part 1″ in the trilogy that would eventually see two better and longer sequels (reviewed elsewhere on this site), Earth and Sky is a great first start. It gives you a good synopsis of the main characters and the nature of their superpowers, even though puzzles are too few and too simple. Recommended!

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