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Elevators from Hell

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1992, John Shramko

Elevator from Hell is a great fanmade PC version of Taito’s underrated coin-op classic Elevator Action. Similar to the arcade version, the game is difficult, frustrating, and addictive. Your goal is to collect all the tokens from seven floors in a building, then make your way to the exit on the first floor. You can use elevators on both ends of the floor to move between floors – but the robo-guard which is hunting you down can also use them. The game is not as difficult as Elevator Action because you only need to avoid one robo-guard, as opposed to dealing with enemies that pop out from closed doors. But it is still challenging, since the robo-guard is ‘intelligent’ enough to wait until you select the next destination, to choose that same floor to intercept you. Controls are very easy – just use the number keys – and the graphics is amateurish but adequate. All in all, a nice oldie coffee break game that still retains all the charm over a decade later.

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