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Erudition Chamber, The

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2003, Daniel Freas

The Erudition Chamber is a neat game that focuses specifically on IF puzzles and the different ways in which players approach the solutions – sort of a “meta-puzzle” game. The game gives you four different puzzles, each of which can be solved in four different ways. To make matters more interesting, each of the four solutions is catagorized: these are the Warrior (brute force), the Artisan (fiddling with mechanisms), the Alchemist (changing the form of the obstacle), and the Seer (finding a way around the problem). Given this intriguing ‘metaphysica’ setup, what is even more amazing is that The Erudition Chamber succeeds in providing clever puzzles and the full range of solutions for them that fit nicely into these categories, although the difference between them is not that great. There is a built-in hint system that gives you plenty of good subtle hints so as not to ruin the game (or lead you down any one path).

If you love solving puzzles in IF games without a need for any plot, you will no doubt find The Erudition Chamber interesting if not revealing. I ended up 3 parts Artisan and 1 part Seer; I suspect that those new to IF will be more likely to get a high Warrior rating. The game reminds me of Heroes from the previous competition, although The Erudition Chamber is more direct about what it wants to be: a neat little game that explores how players solve puzzles. Highly recommended, especially to die-hard IF gamers.

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