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Exolon DX

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2005, Graham Goring

Exolon DX is a great remake of an old Hewson game with updated graphics and much smoother animations. Your quest is simple: as a blaster-wielding spaceman, kill as many aliens as possible with blaster or rocket-propelled grenades and get to the exit on each level. Both weapons have limited ammunition, so you need to replenish them from time to time. The game is played in a standard 2D side-scrolling fashion: you move from left to right, but can also transport to an upper platform level. Since you can never kill all the enemies, you need to constantly move toward the exit – just make sure to stay alive in the process. You can also duck and jump to avoid dangerous situations, and you will need to do this many times to survive. With superb graphics and solid coding by Retrospec coder Graham Goring, Exolon DX brings an 8-bit underdog to the 21st century for old and new arcade fans alike. Recommended!

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