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F-19 Stealth Fighter

I’m back to give you another review on F-19 Stealth Fighter. This is a game produced by
MicroProse Software, Inc. and was co-designed by the famous Sid Meier. A
first person flight simulation for PC that actually is like the real thing. What I
meant by the real thing is like a student pilot simulation where you can practice
your skills before you operate a plane. But this one is better! It’s because here you
can fly American Airforce jets! You can choose from a variety of over a dozen
jetplanes. The complete list of choices are the F-14D TOMCAT, F-15C EAGLE, F-16C FALCON,
B-1B BOMBER, E-3C SENTRY, MiG-21 Fishbed, Mig-25 Foxbat, Mig-23 Flogger, Mig-29
Fulcrum, Mig-31 Foxhound, Su-24 Fencer, Yak-38 Forger, Su-27 Flanker, Tu-26
Backfire and the Il-76 Mainstay.

After choosing your favorite jet you are given your first assignment. But do a
little practice before you save your game liutenant. You don’t your record to
be blemished by a humiliating crashed to the sea ending. The controls are very
difficult to master and if you’re not really into this kind of game then you will
probably leave it to the experts. The graphics is not that good but I am amazed
at the detailed map that shows your flight plan and targets. It even shows a
radar that’s very useful in maneuvering the plane. The sound is annoying and
I suggest that you turn it off to hold your sanity. The whirring sound can be
turned off by pressing Alt+V.

As the title suggests, this game is designed to make your jet and your gameplay
stealthy. You have few ammunition to go with and the targets are kind of guarded by
many enemy jetfighters. So to increase your survivability you must not be seen.
Detection will make you pay a bitter price of defeat.

The missions will get you around the globe. To warzones like Libya, the Persian Gulf,
North Cape and Central Europe. So put your helmet on, fly high, aim for your target…
Fire and forget. Boom! Mission accomplished.

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