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Final Fantasy: Endless Nova

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Orochi Kusanagi



Copyright 2003, Orochi Kusanagi

Final Fantasy: Endless Nova is a fun console-style RPG inspired by Square’s popular Final Fantasy series. The setting, in the designer’s words, is as follows: “…[the] game is set in a solar system with the sun in the beginning stages of a super nova. For some reason it will not explode and years go by with people forgetting about the danger. A war over 400 years ago left a once mighty nation in ruins. For decades the people of this nation wander aimlessly on the planet Coyas not able to form a new civilization. After an unknown scientist discovers space travel and a way to make asteroids habitable people of the fallen nation migrate to space. This is the begining of the mighty asteroid colony Finel Capital. Eventually people discover that their is a limit to space travel since an impenetrable asteroid/debris dome surrounds the solar system thus the name Hells Dome is given.”

In true Final Fantasy tradition, FF:EN combines both fantasy and sci-fi elements into a satisfying adventure, with a lot of depth, numerous character-specific skills, and excellent battle animations. The summon spells in particular are very interesting, and cool to watch in battles.

Although FF:EN merely uses the default system that comes with RPG Maker 2000, it is implemented very well. There are numerous weapons, armors, relics, and other special items you can collect and use, and the magic system – based on character’s level of wisdom – is one of the most fun I have seen.

Although the game is a bit short (it took me slightly less than 10 hours to beat it), there are many extras that will entice you to replay the game. Like Square’s games, FF:EN boasts several mini-games, a full-functioned casino, and optional sidequests. All in all, this underdog, despite its unofficial status, is a worthy tribute to Square’s classic series. And that is a high praise indeed.

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