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Fish Fillets

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Altar Interactive


Copyright 1998, Altar Interactive

Fish Fillets is a fun and unique puzzle game from Czech, originally published only in Czech but has been much more widely circulated since the developer released it as open source freeware under the GNU GPL license in 2002. You control two fish, and must use them to rearrange, interact with, or avoid objects/obstacles in each level in such a way that they can exit unharmed. The game is similar to The Lost Vikings or Humans in this way, except the levels are much more difficult and devious.

The two fish, while they look similar, are different and must be used together in imaginative ways: one fish is bigger and can therefore move heavy objects, while the smaller fish can enter tiny tunnels that are too narrow for its partner. Although your goal in all the game’s seventy levels remains the same (to exit each level safely), the ‘trick’ you have to figure out is always different. Along the way, both fish utter witty remarks about their surroundings, and the various undersea inhabitants quarrel among themselves and comment on your efforts.

One nice feature in Fish Fillets is the non-linear gameplay that opens up after the first few levels. The seventy levels are grouped into eight “paths,” which you can choose at different points in the game. This means if you are stumped in one level, you can try to go on some other path. If you enjoy challenging – indeed, maddeningly difficult – puzzle games, check out this interesting and fun puzzle underdog. It’s not as addictive or clever as D.R.O.D., but it offers plenty of variety and challenge even for the most expert of puzzle fans. Highly recommended!

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