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Forge, The

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Ville M?nkk?nen



Copyright 2000, Ville M?nkk?nen

The Forge is a fun and quite addictive freeware fighting game. Your goal is to win one-on-one gladiator fights to move from division three to become the champion of division one. You earn money from each fight you win, which can be used to buy better weapons for your gladiator. That’s all there is to the game, but as always, it’s the gameplay that counts. The characters are all in 3D, and move quite realistically. Your gladiator has a good range of movements and attack moves, and each new enemy is not only tougher but also fights differently from the last. Too bad the game isn’t very long, but as a freeware title it still boasts more production value than some commercial games. If you like fighting games, check out this underrated gem. Thumbs up!

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