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Fracas [Geckosoft]

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1997, Geckosoft

Fracas is a solid clone of Bomberman from Geckosoft, a short-lived shareware developer. As a wizard, your job is to lay magical bombs around the screen to defeat various enemies. The game supports 4-player hotseat mode (although the keyboard does get quite crowded that way ;) ). Smooth 2D cartoony graphics and decent sound effects round off this little-known underdog that was released as freeware by its authors in 2005. The game is worth a look, although unfortunately the levels and enemy types are not as varied as the ones in Dynablaster and Atomic Bomberman to deserve our Top Dog tag. Three cheers to the former Geckosoft team for making the registered version freeware, though; their other shareware title Enigma has also been released as freeware and reviewed on this site.

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