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Copyright 2001, Smozzie

Fracas is an excellent freeware wargame that looks and plays like Risk the board game, but with many enhancements. Your goal is to conquer the world map by annihilating other players up to six, any of which can be computer or human.

The gameplay is very straightforward: deploy your troops and build ports to attack other countries while defending your own. The computer players are quite easy to beat, which is one reason you should play it against other human players in a networked game. The real beauty of Fracas lies in the virtually unlimited customizability: you can change almost every parameter in the game, including land sizes and shapes, computer players personalities, and other gameplay mechanics. Although every map in the game is randomized, you can also create your own maps with an excellent map editor (available as a separate download on the game site).

Overall, if you enjoy fun, not-too-complex multiplayer wargames or strategic level boardgames, Fracas is well worth a look. With a lot of gameplay options, always random maps, and plenty of parameters to tweak, Fracas has excellent replay value that will last a long, long time. Two thumbs up!

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