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Frobozz Magic Support

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1996, Nate Cull

My favorite fanmade Zork game, Frobozz Magic Support is a charming, hilarious, and entertaining short game set in Infocom’s famous gameworld. It seems the entire Frobozz Magic Company tech support staff has disappeared except for you. Your task is of course to figure out what happened. Meanwhile, you have four service calls to take care of – customers are always right, after all, and they are an impatient bunch.

The gameplay is straightforward puzzle-oriented fare, with a lot of funny Zorkian references and locations. Compared to Spiritwrak, another fanmade Zork game, FBS is less buggy and has a more versatile parser. Although it is not nearly as long and there is only a handful of locations, the game is a lot of fun while it lasts. There is even a glossary of Zorkian terms inside the game, although a prior knowledge of Zork and Enchanter trilogies is necessary to appreciate some of the subtler jokes. If you like Zork or just a short, quirky little game, check out this funny underdog.

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