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Copyright 1983, Sierra On-Line

One of the first really good conversion of a hit arcade game, Sierra’s Frogger replicates the fun of SEGA’s coin-op classic almost perfectly. The goal in this deceptively simple game is to hop your way toward home across treacherous highways, sinking logs, and alligators as you try to reach the other side. Even with a limited 4-color CGA palette, Sierra managed to create clear graphics that is more than adequate for the game– alligators don’t look like cats, for instance. There are also some “extra” options, such as 3 different difficulty levels, the ability to redefine control keys, and different background colors. Overall, if you’re looking for a few minutes of nostalgic arcade fun, Frogger fits the bill. Not as addictive or original as Bill Williams’ seminal Alleycat, but a pretty damn good game in its own right. Thumbs up!

Note: This download includes original disk image of the game (it’s a self-booting game), which must be run with Flopper program. You’ll need to first install Flopper, then play the game from 3.5″ floppy. I could have waited for Demonlord to make MS-DOS version, but the game is too good to wait :) If you find Flopper difficult to use, please comment in our forum.

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