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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Metallic Clover



Copyright 2003, Metallic Clover

FrontLine is a fun platformer that plays like Abuse with stickmen. The basic premise is simple: shoot all the enemy stickmen who appear on the screen. You start the game with a gun and a few grenades at your disposal, and you can use a shield to temporarily block enemies’ shots. There is really nothing more to it – no clever level designs and no surprises. But like Jump ‘n’ Bump, it’s one of those fun snack-sized games that will entertain you during coffee breaks. The animation of stickment is excellent, and you will enjoy the challenge of having to aim your gun properly – much like the ‘tactical’ element of Abuse. All in all, a neat little Japanese freeware gem that should appeal to anyone who likes Xiao Xiao movies, Abuse, or platformers in general.

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