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Copyright 1988, Atari Games

MobyGames entry says it all about one of the most celebrated arcade games of all time: “Gauntlet, the original arcade smash hit, is fighting game where you choose a character a let rip into the hordes of enemies that assault you on you way to the end of the level. It featured a choice of four characters to play with, each with different weapons. Thor the Warrior, with his bludgeoning battle axe. Thyra the Valkyrie, with her close range sword. Questor the Elf, with his long range bow. And Merlin the Wizard with his magical bolts. You (and another player) must make your way through 100 levels of mayhem and magic. Ghosts, goblins and even the life draining Death are your enemies. They stream out of generators. Destroy the generators first before tackling the rest. Find keys to help you progress to the exit. Battle your way past ghosts, ghouls and a wide variety of evil monsters using magic and potions, as you desperately try to escape before your health runs out. Look for scattered magic potions. These act like smart bombs and clear the screen of all enemies. Beware of poison though. Treasure is abundant throughout the levels and adds to your score.

[This downoad] is a faithful conversion of the classic multi-player arcade hit. Both graphics and sound here are delightful and once you get into this game, many, many hours can be lost!” Definitely one of the best multiplayer games ever made, and a great action/RPG combination that is a must-have for ever arcade fan’s collection. Highly recommended!

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