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GC: A Thrashing Parity Bit of the Mind

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:David Baggett & Carl de Marcken



Copyright 1994, David Baggett & Carl de Marcken

A fun, if esoteric, math-heavy text adventure game by David Baggett (of Unnkulia series fame) and fellow MIT friends. Carl Muckenhoupt’s short review at Baf’s Guide says it all: “Written for the 1994 MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Olympics, this game sends you to the Acme Institute, a combination of MIT and Unnkulia. Since it was created by and for MIT students, the in-jokes are completely unbridled. However, MIT in-jokes have a way of percolating through computer culture in general, and the more obscure ones are explained in the docs. Since it was originally written to be played by teams of highly-trained smart people, who were not expected to finish it completely, some of the puzzles are quite difficult. However, there’s nothing completely beyond the reach of anyone with a degree in something technical. Contains lots of red herrings and optional puzzles, a big unmappable maze that can only be traversed with guidance, good puzzles, cheez jokes, and a guest apearance by Marvin Minsky.” If you love games that are heavy on tough logical problems, check out this excellent underdog that will probably confuse the rest of us ;)

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