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Genocide Sa-Ga

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2004, Unknown

Genocide Sa-Ga is a fanmade one-on-one fighting game using characters from Square’s Romancing Sa-Ga RPG series that were huge in Japan but never were translated into English. Even if you have never played the RPG, you will probably have fun with SD (stumpy-head) characters duking it out on screen with tons of flashy special attack combos. The small size of console RPG characters makes it difficult to see what they are doing, and the game is slightly too easy – I was never good at fighting games, but in this one I can beat the AI players most of the time. Like all good fangames, characters in this game stay true to their counterparts in RPG series, and there is even a plot that ties all the fights together.

As a fangame, Genocide Sa-Ga is recommended to fans of the RPG series, but if you have never played Romancing Sa-Ga or cannot read Japanese, the appeal of this underdog quickly fades to reveal a slightly above-average fighting game that is fun for a while, but definitely not as good as Dogma or other modern freeware classics.

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