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God of Thunder

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1993, Adept Software

God of Thunder is a superb Zelda-style puzzle game by Adept Software, a little known development group. Ron Davis led the programming team, and Jason Blochowiak (of Commander Keen and Wolfenstein 3D fame) helped out with programming. As the tale goes, your father, Odin, is the ruler of all the land. But, every few thousand years, he must enter in Odinsleep to regain and recharge his powers. While in Odinsleep, your evil twin brother, Loki, takes over the land. With Odin able to communicate with you but still unenerigized from Odinsleep, you, Thor, are summoned to destroy Loki and his evil cronies and reclaim the land in the name of Odin using this magic hammer that magically returns to you whenever you throw it.

The graphics are primitive for that time, especially when games that are 5 years older than itself wipe it out (Monkey Island comes to mind) but the frantic puzzles and gameplay are enough to keep even the most experienced puzzlers stumped. Another slight problem is that the AI could have been a little better (For example, if you walk ahead of a guard, he’ll fire arrows at you, but he never stops walking his patrol to find you) but other than that, this is a fantastic game that console fans will find quite familiar. Recommended, especially to fans of Jetpack and Bomberman games. Two thumbs up!

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