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Copyright 2005, Naramura

GR3 is a superb 2D horizontal shooter from Japan, coded with Java in the same 8-bit style as MSX games of yore. Like R-Type and other SHMUP classics, GR3 is insanely difficult but weirdly addictive. As a clone of Gradius, Konami’s classic shooter (the game’s website even has “faux” boxshots with Konami logo on it), GR3 lives up to its original’s excellence in every way. There are 7 stages, each with its own set of enemies and background graphics, a hidden stage, catchy soundtrack, and even a nice storyline full of characters (unfortunately I can’t read Japanese, but it reminds me of the evil boss in Silpheed).

One of the nice touches in this game is that, in addition to the usual assortment of power-ups, you can collect “E-pods” which can be used to buy new weapon options after each stage. If you like Gradius, GR3 will keep you occupied for hours with its frenetic action, addictive fun, and nostalgic graphics. Recommended!

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