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Gravity Sports 3

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2001, Phame

Yet another innovative but not very well known freeware puzzler from Japan. Gravity Sports 3 is a cool puzzle game where you control a cute anime girl named Jiima, who wants to collect all the candies in each level. The interest twist here is that to get to some candies, you need to change the direction of gravity between up and down (180-degree turns) and left and right (90-degree turns, either clockwise or counterclockwise), so that Jiima can walk to collect them. To make your task more difficult, you can only change the direction of gravity by using icons, the number of which is limited for each level. The right status bar shows the number of times a particular rotation can be used, and this ranges from only a few, to infinity (i.e. you can rotate in that direction as many times as you want). This means that you not only need to calculate what icons to use, but when to use them– that is, the order of your moves is important.

The game has over 50 levels to tax your brain cells, and a cool map editor you can use to make your own levels. In short, Gravity Sports 3 is an elegant and fun puzzle game with a very elegant and innovative “why didn’t noone think of this before?” premise. Highly recommended!

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