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Gravity Well

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1997, PLBM Games

Gravity Well is one of the better modern remakes of classic Lander. The objective is straightforward: calculate the speed and direction correctly to land your lunar module on each of the bases. Gain more points for a soft landing. A very soft landing earns a “diamond,” which earns bonus points and may be converted to fuel later on (using the [Enter] key).

Although simple in concept, in practice the game requires a good balance between some grasp of physics, reflexes, and timing. Like the historical Eagle module that landed on the Moon in 1969, your lander must be exactly vertical before you can touch down. Fortunately for newbies, the “Auto-Land” feature is present to automatically adjust your lander to slightly tip to the side and right itself if you are going downwards slowly enough. Appropriately enough, you will lose points by using this feature, so it’s best to use it only as a last resort. With an intuitive interface, excellent gameplay and underlying physics, and pleasant wireframe graphics that is reminiscent of the original Lander, Gravity Well is a quality retro release that is well worth a look by fans of classics everywhere. Two thumbs up!

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