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Grid Poker

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1994, Jeff Anderson

Grid Poker is a fun poker solitaire game, with cards presented in ASCII characters. Your objective is to place cards on the grid such that they form poker hands, which are scored vertically, horizontially, and diagonally. You want to get as many points as possible, but it is not easy (if you can get 60 or higher, consider yourself a good player).

A game of poker solitaire requires a good degree of skill to get consistently good scores, though even the best moves can be ruined by a stretch of bad luck. Straights are the most difficult hands to create, because they require you to give up a chance for safer hands, such as pairs and threes of a kind. You’ll often get the first three cards of a potential straight, then be tempted to give it up for a quick payoff. But if you hold firm, your faith will be rewarded at least some of the time. This computer version is nicely done, even though the graphics are ASCII-only. It even has mouse support :) Overall, if you enjoy solitaire games, this is one underdog well worth your time. Also check out another freeware game called Poker Solitaire on this site for a more modern version of the same card game.

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