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Guardian of Paradise

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2005, E. Hashimoto

Guardian of Paradise is a great Japanese action/RPG hybrid in the same vein as Zelda games. Created by E. “Buster” Hashimoto, the same designer behind superb Akuji the Demon, this game offers the same excellent blend of plot, graphics, and action/adventure gameplay.

Although the game is only in Japanese, there seems to be less text to go through, and I had no problem playing even if I don’t understand the plot (the same reason you can finish most Japanese-only RPGs, I suppose). The game seems less story-oriented than Akuji, which means more action, making it much easier for non-Japanese to complete. Controls are quite intuitive too: you use the arrow keys to move, Z to swing your sword, use items, or interact with objects/people, X to use special “spirit power,” and C to switch between spirit powers (as you collect them through the game). Press Q to save, F1 to see your inventory, and ESC to see in-game options. If you liked Akuji or Zelda-style action/RPG hybrids in general, Guardian of Paradise is yet another polished and fun freeware gem to keep you entertained for hours. Highly recommended!

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