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Guldkorn Expressen

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Thomas Villadsen & Uffe Jakobsen

GAME DEVELOPER:SilverRock Productions

GAME PUBLISHER:SilverRock Productions

Copyright 1991, SilverRock Productions

Guldkorn Expressen is a fun freeware advertising game from Denmark – one of the first promotional games that are actually fun to play, and approaches commercial titles in terms of graphics and gameplay quality. As a small cartoon bear, your job is to collect bags of popcorn with the cargo train. Since some bags lay off the default railroad, you need to flip switches that lie along the route to change tracks. The trick is you cannot manipulate the switches yourself, but must press the SPACEBAR to make the little bee who normally follows your train to flip the switches for you. The game starts off quite easy, but gets difficult later on, as the time limit gets shorter but you have more popcorn bags to collect, and they lie on crooked, hard-to-navigate routes. Overall, if you like deceptively simple platformers that look like they are designed for kids but that turn out to be something quite on the contrary, this underdog may prove a pleasant surprise. If you can put up with repetitive terrain, that is. The game is in Danish, but very little reading is required here. Worth a look. The game was also released in Sweden under the name Kalas Puffs Expressen.

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