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Halloween Spirit Board

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:John Passfield & Steve Stamatiadis

GAME DEVELOPER:Gee Whiz! Entertainment


Copyright 2000, John Passfield & Steve Stamatiadis

Halloween Spirit Board is a cool “electronic toy” from the folks behind The Chronicles of Jaruu Tenk, a neat screen saver that I also reviewed on this site. The premise is that you can talk to a ghost via the ouija board: type a question, and watch as the invisible spirit moves the glass to spell out his or her answer. Similar to early “computer personalities” such as Racter or Eliza, this ‘game’ is a more advanced version of such programs: the ghost not only remembers your previous questions, but can also change tones and attitudes toward you depending on how aggressive you are. There are several ghosts in the game, and which one you encounter is more or less random. Each ghost has his or her own personality and stories to tell, including how they died and what they think of various topics. All in all, Halloween Spirit Board is more than a fun “screen entertainment” – spend some time with it, and the ‘intelligence’ of the ghosts may surprise you after a while. Definitely more fun than watching the screensaver. Highly recommended!

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