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Hell Fighter

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:David Peterson



Copyright 2001, David Peterson

Hell Fighter is a unique top-down space combat/strategy hybrid that is highly addictive, especially in multiplayer. First released in 1995, the game has gone through numerous iterations and improvements, thanks to the dedication of designer David Peterson. The result is a maddeningly addictive game that is much more fun than many commercial releases.

The best way to describe what Hell Fighter is all about is to read the official blurb: ?Hell Fighter is a fast action space combat simulation. It’s not an arcade scroller and it’s not a slow strategy game either. Hell Fighter combines elements of both into a unique and furious modem/network playable game of combat involving fighters, capital ships, bases, merchants, freighters, and other units.

Hell Fighter is freeware. As much as people have asked me why I don’t market it commercially or at least as shareware… especially in light of the various awards it has received, I’ve refused to charge for it. Frankly, my primary reason for working on this game is that I think such a game needs to exist. And it needs to be played. It’s its own genre. There’s no other game out there which is like it.?

Anyone who enjoys the melee combat of Star Control 2 but wishes for a strategic overlay or more realistic space flight dynamics should be at home with Hell Fighter. Although the game can be played solo, it is much more fun in networked mode. There is an incredible number of weapons and ship designs you can choose from. In short, one of the best freeware games you can find today, and a blast to play against other human pilots over the Internet. Two thumbs up!

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