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Holotz’s Castle

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2004, Juan Prez

Holotz’s Castle is a neat Lode Runner-style game that combines the key-collecting, hole-hopping fun of Lode Runner with an interesting plot that features some funny dialogues and interesting NPCs. Your goal in this 2D side-scroller is to find and collect all the keys on each level and make it to the exit before time runs out. Although the first few levels are so easy they are a bit boring, the game gets much more interesting and difficult later on as you come across swinging ropes, fire pits, and dozens of other obstacles. Although you only have one life, the game automatically saves every time you exit, and you can save your game at any point.

In addition to nice graphics, interesting level designs, and a good plot, Holotz’s Castle has a good range of options that I don’t normally find in action games. The options include adjustable screen size, 3 difficulty levels, and 7 different languages. Last but not least, the game comes with a level editor, and there already are fanmade levels you can download from the game’s official site. Highly recommended, especially to fans of Lode Runner games.

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