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Honey Lines

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1995, Nikita

Honey Lines is a neat little puzzler from Russia’s Nikita, one of the country’s oldest and largest developers that went out of business in 2002. The game is a decent variant of Gamos’ superior Color Lines: your goal is to swap pieces on the board to make them disappear. Whenever you line up 5 pieces of the same shape and color in any direction (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal), they disappear from the board. Each turn, 4 new pieces will appear at random on the board. You can see the pieces that will appear during the next turn, but not their locations. During each turn, you can only move by swapping two adjacent pieces on the board – you are not allowed to move any piece to an empty spot. The game is in Russian, but it is very easy to pick up the rules and start playing.

Honey Lines is fun, but the “swapping only” rule makes the game harder and more limited than Color Lines. Still, if you are a puzzle expert, you will find Honey Lines more than a welcome challenge compared to most games of its type. Recommended, but not for the uninitiated.

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