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Hopkins FBI

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1998, MP Entertainment

Hopkins FBI is a fun but disappointingly short cartoon adventure from MP Entertainment, a small UK developer. Lack of hype and distribution muscle makes this one of the most obscure adventure games ever made. The mood and style of Hopkins FBI belies is bright, cartoony graphics: a noir detective game, full of shady characters and gory scenes that will likely offend some people. The premise is banal, but developed quite nicely throughout the game. You are Special Agent Hopkins, assign to find and arrest the infamous terrorist Bernie Berckson, who escaped electrocution twice and has founded a new, more powerful crime organization.

The game is very much a French-style graphic adventure, the likes of which are rarely seen since Revolution’s excellent Broken Sword games. Think Broken SwordHopkins FBI. The game itself is quite fun, with traditional inventory-based puzzles and an intuitive interface. The characters are believable, and the pace of the game is handled very well, with excellent cut-scenes throughout the game that advance the storyline. For all its high points, though, Hopkins FBI is a very easy and very short adventure. Expert gamers will be able to finish this one in only a few hours, as most puzzles are very easy. This is unfortunate, because the game doesn’t have the same quality as LucasArts’ Full Throttle to qualify it as a “short but sweet” adventure. As is, the game is worth playing, but probably only at bargain-bin prices. If you can find it cheap and are not offended by blatant violence in games, Hopkins FBI will hold your interest for the few hours that it takes to finish. Recommended, with some reservations.

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