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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Karl Runmo & HOTUpoly Team



Copyright 2003, Karl Runmo & HOTUpoly Team

HOTUPoly (short from Home of the Underdogs-Poly) is our very own version of Monopoly game, converted from a Swedish multiplayer Monopoly clone called Kalles Monopol by three regulars of our forum: Joq, quaz, and Helmacron, with the beautiful HOTUPoly board designed by Reverendo.

With full permission from the original author, Karl Runmo, these volunteers translated all the in-game text from Swedish into English, replaced board real estate with computer game companies, and even changed a few play tokens to familiar computer game characters. The result is a fun and great-looking multiplayer Monopoly game in Home of the Underdogs theme :) Too bad there is no computer player, but the multiplayer support (turn-based hotseat or TCP/IP over the Internet) works so well that if you have a few friends who want to play Monopoly, HOTUPoly will prove ideal. All the rules of Parker Bros’ classic game are implemented here (down to the mortgages), but if you prefer the original board, you can download the regular Kalles Monopol at the official site below. Highly recommended, and a big thanks to four fearless HOTU forum regulars who customized this great game for all of us :)

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