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Inca [Hayden]

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Hayden Software

GAME PUBLISHER:Hayden Software

Copyright 1984, Hayden Software

Given that it is one of the rarest commercial text adventures in existence, it is disappointing that Hayden Software’s Inca is unfortunately not a very good game. A banal treasure hunt that could have been Infidel with – well, Michael Berlyn and Infocom’s powerful parser. It is even worse than Hayden’s own Holy Grail, which makes it a really bad game you should avoid. So why is the game here? Well, only because yours truly happens to be a die-hard fan of interactive fiction who spent over 15 years to find the game :) Anyway, I’m sure IF collectors will enjoy keeping this one, if only for rarity value alone. Big thanks to jeff for bypassing the fiendish keydisk copy protection scheme, although you would need Flopper to run the IMG disk image (get it from the link below). As one of the very few Real Dog IF games in the site, don’t expect too much ;) Hayden really should stick with releasing updates to their superb Computer Novel Construction Set than bother with making real games.

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