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Iron Blood

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Family Productions

GAME PUBLISHER:Family Productions

Copyright 1995, Family Productions

One of the most underrated and obscure 2D platform games ever made, Iron Blood (released as Interrupt in Korea) offers fast and furious arcade-style fighting in well-animated backdrops, against a surprising variety of “bosses.”

Gameplay essentially is identical to a typical side-scrolling platform game, except that the robots and enemies in the game are very well drawn in Japanese anime style. You have 2 players (Roy Fregun piloting the RG-104 Cyber-Troll and Sedrin Cleis piloting the SG-43 Ripple) to choose from in Iron Blood, each with his/her own special abilities and weapons. The game is equally fun with both, although the RG-104 Cyber-Troll’s jet booster was very helpful in making those impossible high jumps you will need to make. Aside from the advantage the jet booster lends to the RG-104 Cyber-Troll, the game is equally challenging with both characters. The game’s highlights, aside from great anime graphics, are definitely the end-level bosses, each of whom has unique weapons, attack modes, and weaknesses that are fun to discover. With plenty of enemy robots to blast, lots of cool power-ups, and imaginative bosses that are no cakewalk, Iron Blood is definitely worth a look to all fans of the genre. If you have even a passing interest in platform games, you will probably like Iron Blood. Fans of Mega Man (i.e. Rockman in Asia) in particular will find the game addictive. Thumbs up!

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