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Jack Nicklaus Signature Edition

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1992, Accolade

Signature Edition is a vastly superior follow-up to Accolade’s classic golf sim Jack Nicklaus’ Unlimited Golf. The in-game graphics were improved overall, though the golfer graphics and animations look a bit grainy. There’s also a new tournament playing option, similar to the one found in PGA Tour Golf.

All the nice features from the previous game are still here, such as the computer-controlled players and the excellent course designer. The game comes with three courses to play on: English Tourn CC, Lorimar Resort and Sherwood Country Club. All in all a decent golf game, but by far no competition to Links 386 Pro that came out the same year, especially graphic-wise. Still, it got its following and thousands of fan-made courses were made for this game and can be found on the net – check the links below for some resources. The course designer portion of the game still ranks today as one of the best ever devised. Two thumbs up!

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