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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Stephen Roantree

GAME DEVELOPER:Deliberate Games


Copyright 2005, Deliberate Games

Billed as a “sneak ‘em up,” Jailbreak is a fun top-down action game that really does fit its bill. As a prisoner who is one day given an opportunity to escape his cell, your goal is to make your way through 9 levels, keeping out of sight of patrolling guards while asking for help from fellow convicts.

The game reminds me of the top-down escaping-from-Nazis sequences in LucasArts’ Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade game, which means it is very exciting and atmospheric. Each guard’s radius of sight as he moves around is shown graphically on the screen, so you have to be careful not to move into it lest you will be arrested or, worse, gunned down. Higher levels have more guards, but also more opportunities to foil them – mostly by using shop-class booby-traps. Crisp SVGA graphics, atmospheric sounds, and interesting tips from fellow inmates make me look forward to each new level. For fans of ‘stealth games’ like Thief or anyone looking for a break from DOOM clones, look no further than this fun underdog that requires a healthy dose of action, precision, and wit to succeed. My only two gripes are that sometimes my character would get ‘stuck’ in wall corners, and that I should be able to *run* in this game instead of moving nonchalantly the whole time. Recommended!

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